Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology a pioneer department was started in July 1972 to cater to the needs of the students of Marathawada region .The undergraduate department has a glorious history with eminent faculty members contributing to its overall growth .The department is well equipped with basic and advanced facilities and teaching aids. Devoted and experienced staff caters to the overall development of the students. Alumni of the department are well placed at prestigious positions all over the

Dr.Rohini Avinash Kulkarni


Incharge Principal & Associate Professor

Dr.Smita Milind Dharmadhikari

M.Sc,Ph.D ,SET

Associate Professor and HEAD

Smt. Suchita Popat Bharambe


Asst. Professor

Student Strength
Class 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
B.Sc. I 47 60 39
B.Sc. II 31 27 29
B.Sc. III 18 28 22
Average Result for the last 3 years
2016-17 64% 85.75% 84.5%
2017-18 59.9% 183.69% 93.96%
2018-19 74.13% 88.97% 88.62%
Research Publications
Sr.No. Name of teacher Research Papers Chapter in Books
1 Dr.Rohini A.Kulkarni 15 02
2 Dr.Smita M. Dharmadhikari 52 01
3 Smt. Suchita P. Bharambe 06 01
3 Smt. Maya Wanjare 04 -
Research Project
Name of teacher Funding Agency Title of the Project Year & total grant received
Dr.Rohini A.Kulkarni BCUD-BAMU Studies on bioaccumulation of chromium from industrial effluent  

Sanctioned 50,000

Received 25,000
Dr.Smita M. Dharmadhikari BCUD-BAMU Studies on production, purification & anticancer activity of bacterial carotenoids

Sanctioned 50,000

Received 25,000
Co-Curricular Activities

  • tudents participated in Tree Plantation and Poster competition on Environmental awareness for students organized in “Van Mahotsav “ celebration during 1- 7 th July 2017.
  • Under MoU with Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad B. Sc III year students of department visited Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad on 42 nd Institute foundation Day on 14 th August ,during this visited to various departments and library.
  • On 4 th Sept 2017 “Students Unit” of “Microbiologist Society of India” was Inaugurated by Dr. S.M. Dharmadhikari ,Associate Professor ,Department of Microbiology, Rajaram College,Kolhapur and delivered lecture on Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Students and the faculty of department actively participated in “Swachha Abhiyan at Haritag” in collaboration with Historical Society of Aurangabad.
  • Students actively participated in the ‘State Level Model and Poster competition’ held at Balbheem College, Beed. On 1 st Sept 2017 and at Shivchhatrapati College, Aurangabad. On 19 th Sept 2017.

  • 2018-19

  • Poster Competition based on subjects of curriculum for B,Sc III yr studnts. The poster exhibition was inaugurated by former principal Dr. Ranjan Garge
  • The guest lecture under alumni interaction on “Microbiological Practices In Pharma Industries” By Mr. Alok Chamnikar ,Resergent Laboratories , Aurangabad was organized on 14 th july 2018.
  • Lecture on “ Cells and organs of immune system” was organized on 3rd Sept 2018 in Department of Microbiology under MoU with Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad delivered by Dr. Swati Peshwe, Associate Professor from Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad.
  • Students and the faculty of department actively participated in “Swachha Abhiyan at Haritag” in collaboration with Historical Society of Aurangabad.
  • Mr. Mangesh Patil, HR Manager, Shodh Advantech Technologies, Aurangabad in association with Microbiology department of GASCA organized One day seminar on personality development on 22nd Feb 2019 for B Sc third year microbiology student

  • 2019-20

  • Microbiology department in association with Hi Media and Alumni organizes Hands on Training in Molecular Biology at Regional level.
  • 28 Students participated in the National level microbiological contest on 25th Jan 2020 11:30-12:00 pm online.
  • Student Unit , Microbiologist Society, India. GASCA was inaugurated on 10th Aug. 2019 by Prof. P. S. Wakte, Head Department of Microbiology, D S M College, Parbhani. And Dr. Priya Puthan, Director , Dheya Foundation.
  • Students and the faculty of department actively participated in “Swachha Abhiyan at Haritag” in collaboration with Historical Society of Aurangabad.
  • In seminar session Prof. P. S. Wakte delivered a lecture on Gut Microflora, it types and role in human digestive tract.
  • In afternoon session poster competition was organized. Students have preparted various cartoonistic poster expressing role of microorganism in various field of microbiology.

Alumni of the Department
Sr No. Name Current Position
1 Mr. Sham  Deshpande(IAS) Divisional Comm.Pune.
2 Dr.M.Bhogale . Industrialist, M.D Microbax- Hydrabad.
3 Dr.Aparna Surwanshi Directore south Asia (Tetra Pack)
4 Dr.Suman Rawat Prof. Mol Bio Rutger’s  University.USA.
5 Dr. Smita Ahirwadkar Director, NIV
6 Dr.Sushma Chapalkar Director,School of Biotechnology,Baramati.
7 Dr.Sudhir Chincholkar Dean Faculty of Science,NMU,Jalgaon
8 Dr,S.G.Gupta Director , Institute of Science Aurangabad.
9 DR.R.R.Deshpande. Former Director , Govt. Inst.of Science Aurangabad.
10 Dr.A.M.Deshmukh Former Professor &HOD, Dept.of Microbiology ,BAMU
11 Dr.Chandrashekar Jaisawal Dy.GM ,MTDC
12 Mr.Ulhas Dashrathe MD, ABD Distiller,Aurangabad
13 Mr.Kuntal Chatterjii Germany
14 Mr.Harishsing Rajput Australia
15 Ms.Archna Jadhav Pirbright Institute,Edenberg
16 Ms.Manty Guha Assit. Prof. Pennsylvania University
17 Ms. Susan Thomos Melbourn ,Australia
18 Mr. Joy Hazara Shanghai,China
19 Mr.Avinash Ingale Sandoz,Singapore
20 Ms.Aprajita Basu Director,Toxicon Corp.Medical College Of Wisconsin.

Alumina Lecture Series-Mr. Alok Chamnikar Resergent Laboratories , Aurangabad 14/72018 Microbiological Practices In Pharma Industries”

Lecture Series under MoU –Dr.Swati Peshwe from Government Institute of Science on 3/9/18 “Basics in Immunology”.

Tree Plantation in association with Rotary Club

Guest Lecture by Professor Prashant Wakte on occasion of inauguration of Student Unit of Microbiology Society

Prof. Aditi Bhattacharya &Dr.Pushpalata Jadhav madam judging the posters

Students Participation in Microtoon Poster Competition 19-20

Hands on Training on Techniques in Molecular Biology-Dr.Smita Dharmadhikari briefing Protocols

Inauguration of student Poster competition by Dr.Ranjan Garge