Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology came to existence in 1929, then Osmania Intermediate College and latter on in the year 1952 undergraduate courses were introduced. This department is fully equipped with good quality equipments such as Microtomes , Research Microscopes in several numbers from repeated companies.

The museum in this department is the oldest in this region having good representation of preserved and stuffed animals from different phyla. The museum is helpful to the students for their practical purpose and general knowledge and is open to the visitors during the working days. This department consists of highly qualified teachers and excellent staff.

Dr. Surekha A Saraf

M.Sc Ph.D Zoology

Associate Professor

Dr. V.R.More

M.Sc Ph.D Zoology

Associate Professor

Dr. K.S. Janabandhu

M.Sc Ph.D Zoolog

Assistant Professor

Student Strength
Class 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
B.Sc. I 62 65 70
B.Sc. II 52 55 53
B.Sc. III 35 32 33
Average Result for the last 3 years
Year Average result of Department
2016-17 80%
2017-18 82%
2018-19 85%
Research Publications
Sr.No. Name of teacher Research Papers Chapter in Books
1 Dr. Surekha A Saraf 13 05
2 Dr. V.R.More 43 01
3 Dr. K.S. Janabandhu 36 -
Research Project
Name of teacher Funding Agency Title of the Project Year & total grant received
Dr. Surekha A Saraf U.G.C Studies on Biodiversity of Butterflies and Moths in A'bad District 2014 - Rs 1,00,000
Dr. V.R.More U.G.C Biology of Nematode Parasites of Mammals from Osmanabad District 2007 - Rs 61,000
Dr. K.S. Janabandhu      
Co-Curricular Activities
  • Sericulture Visit

  • Model and Charts Competition

Alumni of the Department
Sr No. Name Current Position